Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Fight

How do we love? Love is the topic among most of this generation. There are so many acts of love, and we all desire that love.
There are many times that love isn't shown. Instead its replaced with anger, lust, and disrespect. Love is so complicated don't you think? But what this world doesn't know, is that we have the answer. Love is not at all complicated.
We all remember as young teenagers how we had our little so called crushes, and we were so sure it was love. I didn't realize who I was becoming, because I felt I wasn't recieving love at home. I wanted the worlds love, because I saw everybody had it. All girls need boys in their life, I would often hear. My dad wasn't there for me, so I believed this lie.
When the day came when I gave my heart to Christ, love came into me. It wasn't the worlds view of love. Because the world doesn't want to give its life for me. It only wanted to give a little something to satisfy me for a short period of time. I use to believe, "It would be better to love for a time, than to not love at all." I've seen that quote so many times on the internet. And I know drama queens who take it to heart. But why is it worth having a temporary love, than to not love at all? Some people think if they can get just a little, its enough. I am ashamed to say that I was one to settle for second best. Its too hard to fight for the first love, so why try, when you don't even have to fight the battle, when you can just take the worlds invitation which requires no fighting at all.
I can't say that about Jesus. Because Jesus fought for me. He didn't work out at the gym to prepare Himself physically. He didn't take special classes to give Him more knowledge. But there was one thing He did. He walked in my shoes. He became like me. He had flesh, a mind, a heart and spirit. If His arm was cut from a branch, He would bleed and feel the sting. He was perfect, yet felt as I felt.
Six and a half years ago, I never thought I would be where I am at today. Back then God wasn't always first. I wanted a boy, that was my top priority. Here I am today, and my Jesus is so sacred to me, that men are farther down the list. For once I know what its like to be in love with Jesus.
Why are so many Christians just the opposite? It bothers me to know I have friends who are throwing their lives away, and they know the truth, yet do not care. I am saddened by this. It litlerly breaks me. But I have seen a change. For when I get to witness people accepted the Lord at church on Sunday Mornings, I start to get emotional. I have never been that way before. I'm so happy to see that people have found the Love.
There are many definitons of love. But there is only one that I believe to be true. Love is a choice to give to somebody who constantly rejects it, spits in your face, and tears you down. You see my Jesus fought for me. He went through a battle I have never been in, the day He took my beatings. He allowed me to whip away at His skin and reveal His bones and ribs. He was so weak, but He kept fighting. He was prepared to face my death for me, because He had already walked in my shoes, seen through my eyes, and felt my pain. Years ago, I would not speak of my Jesus like this. Thats because He didn't mean that much to me then. I wanted to live my life. It was all about me. And for many, its still like that today. But God has not given up on me. And til this day, Jesus is still fighting for me.
I have seen Fireproof. Its such a brilliant story about Marriage. And for the first time, I saw what love really is. We have our own idea's and how we would want love to feel like. But you will never know love, until you know The Love. You will never understand love, until you understand The Love. You will never know how to show love, until you know how to show the love Jesus showed us. To those who mock us, who cuss at us, who throw rocks at us, who hate us, who desire to kill us. We can only do one thing, and that is love them. Because Jesus died for them too, and continue's to fight for them. You may ask, "How can I love somebody who has hurt me, who has done these things to me?" Aren't you forgetting, that they are doing the same thing to Jesus, yet He still fights for them every day? When you understand Jesus, you will be able to show His love in His way, and its all a choice. For when we ask for it, Jesus will give us the desire to show love, even when they constantly reject it.
It makes so much more sense to me now. I shouldn't be here and neither should you. Who are we who take in the worlds lie's. We both know, that we will end up alone in the end. And for some, it takes harder to accept the truth. The truth was never meant to hurt us, but to direct us to the right path. Admiting your wrong is not a bad thing. It shows how imperfect we are and that we cannot whatsoever live without Jesus.
Please accept this. Jesus is sacred. Its not something you accept at a point in your life, then lock it up in your closet. Then when it gets cold, you get it out to warm you up. Jesus is not a coat. Jesus is the skin. He is fighting for you. He is fighting for me. Thats why He is so sacred to me. "Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends." John 15:13